Genitourinary Pathology

The members of the Genitourinary Pathology Laboratory of the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology have extensive expertise in nonmedical kidney diseases as well as diseases of the prostate, bladder, ureters, urethra, and testis. We provide a full range of diagnostic services, including interpretation of biopsies and comprehensive evaluations of surgical resections with an aim toward providing information regarding possible additional therapy and overall prognosis. A broad array of state-of-the-art techniques are available and used, when appropriate, in conjunction with routine histopathology. Adjunctive tests include immunohistochemistry and molecular diagnostics.

Difficult or unusual cases are discussed at daily conferences attended by the entire attending staff. In addition, select cases are presented and reviewed at multidisciplinary conferences, which include members of the Departments of Urology, Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, and Radiology.

We also offer interpretations of small biopsy specimens collected by private-practice physicians and can provide second-opinion consultation services, reviewing slides prepared elsewhere.

Our faculty has an in-depth understanding of the clinical management of diseases of the urinary and male genital tracts and emphasizes clinical pathologic correlations when providing consultations.

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Genitourinary Pathology
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  • Kathleen Mary O'Toole, MD

    • Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at CUMC
  • Renu K. Virk, MD

    • Associate Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology at CUMC