Research Labs

  • My research laboratory investigates the role of microtubule dynamics and tubulin post-translational modifications in neuronal physiology and at the onset of neurodegenerative and neuropathic disease.

    Bartolini Lab
  • The Canman Lab investigates temporal and spatial regulation of cytokinesis.

    The Canman Lab - Columbia University Pathology and Cell Biology
  • We mainly focus within the neurodegenerative disease space, but also engage in productive collaborations with outside fields, e.g. microbial biology, cancer biology and laboratory assisted evolution.

    Chavez lab feature image
  • We are interested in the mechanism that maintains genomic stability and metabolic homeostasis: how systemic signaling communicates with cell division process, how insulin initiates the insulin ...

  • The Digital and Computational Pathology Laboratory (DCPL) performs acquisition of high resolution images of tissue slides, brightfield or fluorescence.

    DCPL feature image
  • The focus of our research is to understand the molecular mechanisms that drive immune and vascular changes in order to overcome the limitation of current anti-angiogenic therapy and immunotherapy.

    Feature Image - Kim Lab
  • We aim to uncover the cellular and neural circuits mechanisms involved in spinal motor control, and how neuronal dysfunction leads to deficits observed in neurodegenerative diseases.

  • The Precision Genomics Laboratory (PGL) is a new joint initiative designed to enhance patient care through genomic diagnostics, research, and education at CUMC.

    Precision Genomics Laboratory
  • We study the development of proatherogenic metabolic abnormalities in insulin resistant individuals, and identify new therapeutic targets for improving these abnormalities.

    Haeusler Lab
  • We focus on mechanisms of organelle and cytoskeletal quality control in health, aging and disease.

  • The Vallee lab is interested in a variety of biological phenomena involving motor proteins, with a major emphasis on cytoplasmic dynein.

  • Our laboratory studies how cells decide to proliferate in normal and cancer cells.

    Yang lab feature image