Digital and Computational Pathology Laboratory

Location and Contact Information

630 West 168th Street
PH West 15-1582
New York, NY 10032
United States

Principal Investigator

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    • Chair, Department of Pathology and Cell Biology
    • Pathologist-in-Chief, NY Presbyterian Hospital CUIMC

Through a partnership with New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Digital and Computational Pathology Laboratory (DCPL) was established in 2018 with a mission to facilitate the basic, translational and clinical research in pathology. The Digital and Computational Pathology Laboratory (DCPL) performs acquisitions of high resolution images of tissue slides using bright field and fluorescence scanners, which enable investigators to visualize details of the morphologic and spectral characteristics of cells and/or tumor areas. The Aperio Versa8 multichannel fluorescence whole slide scanner is designed for multiplex applications and has the flexibility to differentiate up to 7 fluorescence probes. The Aperio AT2 scanner is a high-throughput system for whole slide bright field imaging and allows for multilayer scans at micron level steps, providing multiple depths of tissue focus. All scanned images are stored on secured servers. The DCPL software infrastructure includes an image management software and commercially available image analysis softwares: Aperio eSlide Manager, Aperio ImageScope, HALO Image Analysis platform, Visiopharm and Qupath. The image management software facilitates collaborations among investigators and researchers, especially when reviewing annotations and image analysis results. The digital imaging capability, which includes image acquisition, image management, and image analysis, advances translational imaging research activities and leverages the image management and storage of consult cases.