Hematopathology Fellowship

The Department of Pathology and Cell Biology offers a one-year ACGME-accredited fellowship in Hematopathology, designed to provide eligibility for the American Board of Pathology subspecialty examination in hematopathology. The fellowship provides comprehensive training in the diagnosis and classification of hematologic diseases and the principles of molecular pathogenesis of hematologic neoplasms. Due to the great variety of hematologic conditions seen at this institution, the specimen types are diverse and represent neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases from adult and pediatric patients. Trainees learn to integrate morphologic features with immunophenotypic profiles and results of molecular and cytogenetic analyses for appropriate diagnosis and classification of hematopoietic disorders. Exposure to all aspects of hematology, in addition to tissue-based diagnostic hematopathology, is provided by structured activities and rotations in different sections of clinical pathology including routine and special hematology, coagulation, flow cytometry, molecular genetics, and cancer cytogenetics.

Fellows interested in research can take advantage of the extensive opportunities for translational or more basic laboratory-based investigations within the department or as collaborations with a host of laboratories conducting research in myeloid and lymphoid disorders throughout the medical center. The opportunity for an additional year of training dedicated to focused translational research is possible for interested and qualified candidates.

Research Activities

Clinical and diagnostic expertise is supplemented with continuing emphasis on the pathobiology underlying disease processes and the roles of new diagnostic tests incorporating advances in basic science. Trainees are expected to undertake and complete at least one independent research project during the course of the fellowship. This project may take the form of “translational” research performed in collaboration with basic science and diagnostic faculty.

An intermediate goal is a presentation at a national meeting, ideally leading to a publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Trainees are financially supported to attend any meeting at which they will be presenting a paper.

Fellows with prior training and interest are encouraged and supported to pursue bench research in the department or in collaboration with investigators in other departments. They are given two weeks each near the end of the academic year to work on completion of any projects undertaken during the year. In addition, there are frequently several hours during the day on some of the rotations when they have time to pursue a project.


Applicants must have successfully completed training in anatomic and clinical pathology, anatomic pathology or clinical pathology, or primary certification in another primary medical specialty board of the American Board of Medical Specialties.


NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center will only accept J1 visas.

Types and Numbers of Appointments

Two positions are available per academic year. 


Applications for the year (to be announced) must include:

  • Personal Statement
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation.

Completed applications (including recommendation letters) may be emailed directly to the program coordinator: pathhptraining@cumc.columbia.edu

Program Director

Bachir Alobeid, MD
Program Director, Hematopathology Fellowship
Columbia University Medical Center
Department of Pathology and Cell Biology
630 West 168th Street, VC14-229
New York, NY 10032
Email: ba2024@cumc.columbia.edu

Program Coordinator

Ramonita Ferreira
Residency and Fellowship Program Coordinator
Department of Pathology and Cell Biology
Email: rf2739@cumc.columbia.edu  cc: pathhptraining@cumc.columbia.edu
Tel: 212-305-5697

Current Hematopathology Fellows

Fatima Iqbal, MD 2022-2023 Hibbah Nabeel, MD 2022-2023

Hematopathology Fellowship Graduates

Xiaoyan Huang (2021-2022) Kenneth Ofori (2021-2022)
Wendy Lin (2020-2021) Jirong (Betty) Mass (2020 - 2021)
Andrew Parrott (2019-2020) Jacob Wooldridge (2019-2020)
Joseph Annunziata (2018-2019) Taliya Farooq (2018-2019)
Smita Patel (2017-2018) Yi Sun (2017-2018)
Patricia Raciti (2016-2017) Anita Malek (2016-2017)
Rahul Matnani (2015-2016) Nupam Patel (2015-2016)
Sarah Chaudhary (2014-2015) Hashem Ayyad (2014-2015)
Kamraan Gill (2013-2014) Ashleigh Allen (2013-2014)
Paul Hosking (2012-2013) Yinghua Pang (2012-2013)
Shafinaz Hussein (2011-2012) Tatyana Gindin (2011-2012)
John Cho Lee (2010-2011) Gunjan Gupta (2009-2010)
Kar Fai Chow (2009-2010) Miles Levin (2008-2009)
Wendy Yang (2008-2009) Darryl A. Oble (2007-2008)
Deborah W. Sevilla (2007-2008) Daniel Baiyee (2006-2007)
Raavi Gupta (2006-2007) Manuel Menes (2005-2006)
Yingchao Piao (2005) Xinlai Sun (2004-2005)
Jie-Gen Jiang (2003-2004) Hediya Draoua (2002-2003)
Ira Miller (2003) Govind Bhagat (2002)
Igor Shendrik (2000-2001)