Targeted Myeloid Panel (TMP)


Myeloid neoplasms encompass a diverse array of blood cancers, including acute myeloid leukemia (AML), myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS), and myeloproliferative neoplasm (MPN), amongst other less common entities. These cancers are characterized by a broad spectrum of clinical and pathologic abnormalities, including abnormal peripheral blood counts, morphologic dysplasia, and variable expansion of myeloblasts. Mutational characterization is used in the diagnostic and prognostic stratification of myeloid neoplasia, and may further inform personalized treatment strategies through the use of targeted and selective therapies. The Targeted Myeloid Panel includes 50 of the most commonly mutated genes in myeloid neoplasia, with an emphasis on genes with diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic significance.

Genes Tested (exons)

ABL1(NM_005157 ex4-10), ANKRD26(NM_014915 c.-113-c.-134), ASXL1(NM_015338.5 ex1-13, NM_001164603.1 ex5), BCOR(NM_017745 ex2-15, NM_001123385 ex8), BCORL1(NM_021946 ex1-12), CALR(NM_004343 ex8-9), CBL(NM_005188 ex2-9,16), CBLB(NM_170662 ex3,9,10), CBLC(NM_012116 ex9-10), CEBPA(NM_004364 ex1), CSF3R(NM_156039 ex17, NM_172313 ex10,18, NM_000760 ex14-16), CUX1(NM_001202543 ex15-24, NM_001913 ex1-23, NM_181552 ex1), DDX41(NM_016222 ex1-17), DNMT3A(NM_022552 ex2-3,5-23, NM_153759 ex1-2, NM_175630 ex4), ETNK1(NM_018638 ex3), ETV6(NM_001987 ex1-8), EZH2(NM_004456, ex2-20), FLT3(NM_004119 ex8-17,19-21), GATA2(NM_032638 ex2-6), GNAS(NM_000516 ex8-11), IDH1(NM_005896 ex3-4), IDH2(NM_002168 ex 4,6), JAK2(NM_004972 ex12-16,19-25), KIT(NM_000222 ex1-2,5,8-15,17-18), KMT2A(NM_005933 ex1-13,15-36, NM_001197104 ex14), KRAS(NM_004985 ex2-4), LUC7L2(NM_016019 ex1-10, NM_001244585 ex2), MPL(NM_005373, ex10,12), NF1(NM_000267 ex1-14,16-57, NM_001128147 ex15, NM_001042492 ex31), NPM1(NM_002520 ex12), NRAS(NM_002524 ex2-5), PHF6(NM_032335 ex2-8, NM_001015877 ex10), PIGA(NM_002641 ex2-6, NM_020473 ex1), PPM1D(NM_003620 ex6), PTPN11(NM_002834 ex3-4,7-8,12-13, NM_080601 ex11), RAD21(NM_006265 ex2-14), RUNX1(NM_001754 ex2-3,5-9, NM_001122607 ex1,5), SETBP1(NM_015559 ex4 p.799-p.950), SF3B1(NM_012433 ex13-21), SH2B3(NM_005475 ex2-8), SMC1A(NM_006306 ex1-25, NM_001281463 ex2), SMC3(NM_005445 ex10,13,19,23,25,28), SRSF2(NM_003016 ex1-2), STAG2(NM_006603 ex2-33, NM_001042749 ex32), TET2(NM_001127208 ex4-11, NM_017628 ex3), TP53(NM_000546 ex1-11, NM_001276696 ex10, NM_001276695 ex10), U2AF1(NM_006758 ex2,6-7, NM_001025204 ex6), U2AF2(NM_007279 ex1-12), WT1(NM_000378 ex1-9, NM_001198552 ex8), ZRSR2(NM_005089 ex1-11)

CPT Codes



Next-generation sequencing (NGS)

Turnaround Time

14 days

Sample Tested

Blood, bone marrow, cell suspensions and/or extracted DNA