Cancer Whole Exome Sequencing with Transcriptome

Purpose: Detects actionable constitutional changes predisposing to cancer; detects cancer specific missense, indel and copy number changes as well as chimeric RNAs and RNAs with altered expression levels using combination of exome and transcriptome sequencing
CPT Codes: 81415, 81416, 81479
Methodology: Next Generation Sequencing of mRNA and DNA
Turnaround Time: 60 days
Specimen: Frozen tissue. A normal control sample (e.q. blood or buccal swab) is required for this testing.
Associated documents: Cancer Genes (Cosmic):
COSMIC genes reported on
Coverage Disclaimer:
WES regions not guaranteed greater than 10 fold
COSMIC gene exons not guaranteed greater than 30 fold
Recurrent COSMIC mutations not guaranteed to be covered greater than 30 fold
Secondary Findings: ACMG Secondary Findings List
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2. Cancer Whole Exome Informed Consent
3. Insurance Pre-Authorization Form
4. Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice Form
5. CWES Letter of Medical Necessity Template