Columbia Solid Tumor Panel (CSTP)

Purpose: Detect variants in 47 commonly mutated genes in cancer tissue.
CPT Codes: 81445, 88381
Methodology: Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) of DNA
Turnaround Time: 14 days
Specimen Accepted: Formalin-fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) or frozen tissue, Cytology specimens in CytoLyt solution, whole blood or bone marrow in EDTA, or DNA extracted from a CLIA laboratory
Genes Tested: AKT1(NM_005163 e3), ALK(NM_004304 e21-25), ARAF(NM_001654 e7), BRAF(NM_004333 e11,15) , CDKN2A(NM_000077 e2), CTNNB1(NM_001904 e3,7,8), CYSLTR2(NM_001308465 e5), DDR2(NM_006182 e17), EGFR(NM_005228 e3,7,12,15,18-21), EIF1AX(NM_001412 e1,2,6), ERBB2(NM_004448 e8,17,19-21), ERBB4(NM_005235 e3,4,6-9,15,23), FBXW7(NM_033632 e5,7-12), FGFR1(NM_023110 e4,7,12,14), FGFR2(NM_000141 e7,9,12), FGFR3(NM_000142 e7,9,14,16,18), GNAQ(NM_002072 e2,4,5), GNAS(NM_000516 e8,9), GNA11(NM_002067 e4-5), H3F3A (NM_002107 e2), HRAS(NM_005343 e2-4), HIST1H3B(NM_003537 e1), IDH1(NM_005896 e4), IDH2(NM_002168 e4), KIT(NM_000222 e8,9,10,11,13,14,15,17,18), KRAS(NM_004985 e2-4), MAP2K1(NM_002755 e2,3,6,7,11), MET(NM_001127500 e2,14,16,18,19), NRAS(NM_002524 e2-4), NTRK1(NM_002529 e14-15), PDGFRA(NM_006206 e12,14,15,18), PLCB4(NM_000933 e20), PIK3CA(NM_006218 e2,3,5,7,8,10,14,19,21), POLD1(NM_002691 e4-10,15-20,24), POLE(NM_006231 e1,2,9,11,13,14,20,21,25,26), PTEN(NM_000314 e1-9), PTPN11(NM_002834 e3,13), RAC1(NM_006908 e2), RAF1(NM_002880 e7), RET(NM_020975 e10,11,13,15,16), SF3B1(NM_012433 e14), SMAD4(NM_005359 e3-6,8-12), SRSF2(NM_003016 e1), STK11(NM_000455e1-9, full coding sequence), TERT(promoter, NM_198253 5’UTR), TP53(NM_000546 e2,4-10), TSHR(NM_000369 e9-10)
Forms: 1. PGM Oncology Requisition
2. Insurance Pre-Authorization Form
3. Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice
4. CCCP Letter of Medical Necessity Template