Columbia Targeted Fusion Panel (CTFP)

Purpose: The Columbia Targeted Fusion Panel (CTFP) is designed for interrogation of gene fusions that are often detected in solid tumors including, but not limited to, lung tumors, thyroid tumors and gliomas. The CTFP uses Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP) chemistry (Archer Dx, CO) followed by next-generation-sequencing (NGS).  AMP utilizes unidirectional gene-specific primers (GSPs) that enrich for both known and novel fusion partners in key genes.  Gene fusions can aid in classification of specific disease entities, and provide information for risk stratification.  Chimeric proteins encoded by the gene fusions can serve as specific therapeutic targets, resulting in improved patient outcomes.
CPT Codes: 81445
Methodology: Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP) technology (Archer Dx, CO) and NGS.
Turnaround Time: 14 days
Sample Tested: FFPE, frozen tissue, or cytology specimens in PreservCyt.  At least 20% or greater tumor content is required for detection.  This test should not be ordered for MRD evaluation.
Forms: 1. PGM Oncology Requisition
2. Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice