Columbia Combined Cancer Panel (CCCP)

Purpose: This test can be used to screen for actionable/novel mutations in a select panel of tumor-specific genes (see requisition for details).
CPT Codes: 81455, 88381
Methodology: Next Generation Sequencing of DNA
Turnaround Time: 30 days
Sample Tested: Paraffin Embedded Tissue
Genes Tested: Columbia Combined Cancer Panel (CCCP) Gene List
Additional Gene Information: ROI Cancer Gene Exons Not Covered
Notes: Insurance preauthorization can be obtained by emailing the preauthorization form below to Please submit requisition form to the PGM laboratory. For Medicare patients, please complete and submit to the lab a Medicare advanced beneficiary notice.
Forms: 1. PGM Oncology Requisition
2. Insurance Pre-Authorization Form
3. Medicare Advance Beneficiary Notice
4. CCCP Letter of Medical Necessity Template