Anette Wu Accepted into Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators

The Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators has recently accepted Anette Wu, associate professor of medical science and pathology and cell biology, as its new member. Dr. Wu is being recognized for her innovative educational contributions, and joins a group of distinguished medical educators at VP&S.

The Virginia Apgar Academy of Medical Educators is a community of educators at VP&S dedicated to promoting, supporting, and rewarding outstanding education of our medical students, residents, fellows, and faculty. Membership in the Academy represents recognition of excellence as an educator and commitment to contributing to the educational life of our medical community at VP&S. 

Dr. Wu has been a member of the teaching faculty in the Clinical Anatomy course since 2007. She is the founder and director of the “International Collaboration and Exchange program – Preparing Global Leaders for Healthcare” at VP&S - a unique international, interdisciplinary student exchange and networking program that is based in the anatomy course (globally), with content that incorporates global health, public health, and health law and ethics. The program partners over 20 leading medical and health sciences schools on 4 continents, in order to impart leadership skills, convey international and interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration skills, cultural competency skills, and provide a professional network for future global leaders in healthcare. In addition, Dr. Wu initiated and directs a novel 4th year elective for medical students at VP&S integrating cultural diversity, food, nutrition and planetary health. Her educational research focuses on the internationalization of medical education in order to promote the improvement of Global Health. She has authored multiple articles on this topic, including internationalization of medical education “at home” approaches. Dr. Wu leads a team of 30 international faculty members for educational research and international collaboration, and she works with 350-400 international students per semester.

Congratulations to Dr. Wu on this remarkable distinction!