Elena-Rodica M. Vasilescu, MD

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  • Assistant Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology at CUMC

Administrative Titles

  • Associate Director, Immunogenetics and Clinical Immunology Laboratory


  • Female

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Member of American Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics


Selected Publications

1. Polymorphism of HLA in the Romanian Population. Tissue Antigens 39:8- 13,1992(Reed,E;Ho,E;Lupu,F;McManus,P;Vasilescu,R;Foca-Rodi,A and Suciu-Foca,N)

2.Detection of T Suppressor Cells in Patients with Organ Allografts. Hum.Immunol, 62:15-20,2001.(Ciubotariu,R: Vasilescu R; ;Ho,E; Cinti ,P;Cancedda,C;..Suciu-Foca,N)

3. Indirect Allorecognition in Heart Allograft Rejection. Transplantation Proceedings, 33:(1-2) 2001(Ciubotariu,R; Liu,Z; Ho,E; Vasilescu,R ...Suciu-Foca,N)

4. Acute and Hyperacute Humoral Rejection in Kidney Allograft Recipients Treared with Anti-Human Tymocyte Antibodies Human Immunology 66,501-512(2005) Colovai,A; Vasilescu,R; ...Suciu-Foca,N)

5. Alloantibodies and Outcome of Cadaver Kidney Allograft.Human Immunology 67,597-604(2006) Vasilescu,R; Ho,E; Colovai A; Hardt, M; Ratner,L; suciu-Foca,N)

6. Polymorphism and linkage dosequilibrium of Immunoglobulin-like transcript 3 gene.Human Immunology02/2008(Chin-Chao Ch; Vlad,G Suciu-Foca,N; Vasilescu,R)

7. Sensitivity, Specificity and Clinical Relevance of Different Cross-Matching Assays In Deceased -Donor Renal Transplantation.Transpl. Immunol.2008 Nov:20(1-2).61-7(Ho,E;Vasilescu ,R; Colovai,A .. Cohen D; Ratner,L;Suciu-Foca,N)

8. Comparative outcome analysis of ABO- Incompatible and Positive Crossmatch Renal Transplant: a single-center experience. Transplantation 2009 Jun 27:87(Padmanabhan A; Ratner,L; Vasilescu,R; ....Schwartz,J)

9.Membrane and soluble ILT3 are critical to the generation of T suppressot cells and induction of Immunological Tolerance.Int.Rev Immunol.2010 Apr:29(2);

10. New-onset Graft Dysfunction after Heart Transplantation-incidence and mechanism-related outcoms.J Heart Transplant.2011Feb:30(2):194(Shahzad,K Aziz QA; Leva JP; Ho E; Vasilescu R; Latiff F Mancini D; Deng ,M)

11. Pre-and PostTransplantattion allosensitization in Heart Allograft Recipients:Major Impact of de novo alloantibody production on allograft survival Human Immunology 2010(Ho,E;Vlad,G; Vasilescu R; Colovai A; ...Suciu-Foca,N)

12. The Effect of Timing and Graft Dysfunction on Survival and Cardiac Vasculopathy an Antibody-Mediated Rejection> J.Heart Lung Transplant.2016(Sep;35(9) Clerkin K; Restaino S; Zorn E, Vasilescu R; Marboe C; Mancini D)

13.Molecular and Cellular Characterzation of Human CD8 T Suppressor Cells Front Immunol.2016Nov 30;7:549(Xu Z; Ho,S; Chang C; Zhang Q; Vasilescu R; Vlad G; Suciu-Foca N)

14. Donor-Specific Anti_HLA Antibodies with Antibody-Mediated Rejection and Long-Term outcomes following Heart Transplantation. J Heart Lung Transplant 2017 May:36(5) (Clerin K; Farr MA; Restaino S; Zorn E; Latif F; Vasilescu R; Marboe C; Colombo P; Mancini D)

15. Ventricular assist device Elicits serum natural IgG that Correlates with the Development of Primary Graft Dysfunction following Heart Transplantation.J Heart Lung Transplant 2017 Mar 24.( see S; Clerkin K; Kennel P; Zhang F; ...Vasilescu R; Vald G; ..Zorn E)