Participants of Second Annual International "Skype Project" Conference

Second Annual International "Skype Project" Conference

Internationalization of medical education in the Anatomy course.

January 26, 2018

On Sunday, January 21, 2018, the Pathology department hosted its second virtual international student conference (the “Skype project” conference) in the Hammer Health Sciences Library.

Medical and dental students from Canada (McGill University, Montreal), Germany (Martin Luther University, Halle), Finland (University of Helsinki, Helsinki), Japan (Kyoto University, Kyoto), Taiwan (National Taiwan University, Taipei), and the US (Vagelos College of Physician and Surgeons, and the College of Dental Medicine), met as part of the "Skype project" for final data presentations

The “Skype project” is an international exchange program for junior medical and dental students, and is based in the Anatomy course at P&S. This year, 110 students from 6 countries participated - including 27 CUMC students (first year P&S and CDM students). The students meet online throughout the fall semester in 20 small groups, and work on selected topics covering Anatomy, death, differences in healthcare systems, healthcare education, public health, and health ethics.

This year’s international conference involved 91 participants – including 25 CUMC students. Initially, student representatives from each nation introduced their countries in the cultural exchange portion of the conference. Subsequently, the small group work culminated with final group presentations.

This summer selected P&S and CDM students will travel abroad for summer research internships at the international partner schools. Also, P&S will be hosting 10 international visiting students this summer – 3 in the Pathology Department.

The image at the top shows some of the participating CUMC students, along with Anatomy faculty Dr. Paulette Bernd and Dr. Anette Wu, as well as Anthony Pizziatolla and Eric Dillalogue from the Hammer Library. In the background are screenshots of the participating international students and supporting faculty.