Sarah Vossoughi and Brie Stotler On Top Ten List for Patient Blood Management Articles of the Year

September 17, 2018
Dr. Sarah Vossoughi and Dr. Brie Stotler, Pathology and Cell Biology
Dr. Sarah Vossoughi (left) and Dr. Brie Stotler

Congratulations to Dr. Sarah Vossoughi, MD, Fellow of Transfusion Medicine and Dr. Brie Stotler, MD, Assistant Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, whose article “Analysis of Pediatric Adverse Reactions to Transfusions”, made into the top ten list for patient blood management articles of 2018. The top ten list was announced at the annual meeting of the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management (SABM), which took place from September 13 to 15, in Brooklyn, New York. 


SABM Research 2018: top ten blood management articles of 2018 


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