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Pathologists are regularly pushing the limits of medicine and research within their laboratories. At Columbia University Medical Center, our pathologists are responsible for discovering pathogens, exploring genetic dispositions, treating disease, and pursuing medical advances. Our major fundraising efforts for educational and clinical development are :

Dr. John G. Gorman Lecture 2016 - Pathology and Cell Biology

Dr. Glenn Ramsey, Dr. John Gorman - Co-Creator of RhoGAM®, Dr. Steven Spitalnik - 2016         

Our mission within the Department of Pathology and Cell Biology is to continue the tradition of innovation and education that was established in the mid-19th century. With your support, educational programs can train and mentor future pathologists and promote research and development initiatives throughout the department. Many of our academic programs are made possible because of generous donations and continue to enrich ongoing pathological contributions to the global medical community.


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