Alejandro Chavez, MD, PhD

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  • Assistant Professor of Pathology & Cell Biology

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  • NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia


  • Spanish


  • Male

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Credentials & Experience

Education & Training

  • BA, 2004 Genetics and Molecular Biology, Northwestern University
  • MD, PhD, 2011 Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Pennsylvania - School of Medicine
  • Residency: 2014 Massachuetts General Hospital
  • Fellowship: 2017 Massachusettes General Hospital

Honors & Awards

Recipient of 2017-2021 Burroughs Wellcome Career Award for Medical Scientist

02/2017 - Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) Tony B. Academic Travel Award

06/2016 - Poster of Distinction, Harvard Medical School Pathology Annual Retreat

2012 & 2013 - 1st place, Massachusetts General Hospital, Best Clinical Pathology Conference Talk

2013 - Chief Resident, Clinical Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital

06/2011 - Morton McCutcheon Memorial Prize for meritorious laboratory research, UPenn


Today we stand on the cusp of a revolution within the biomedical sciences, brought forth by the explosion of transformative technologies that enable avenues of discovery previously thought to be impossible. Understanding the ability of technology to drive innovation, our team has spent the past several years generating new methods with which to perform targeted gene activation, simultaneously modify DNA sequence and RNA expression, achieve precise genome editing, and bias genetic inheritance. Our work employs a variety of techniques ranging from oligo chip synthesis and library-based screening to iPS cell differentiation and live-cell imaging. We utilize a variety of model systems ranging from yeast to human cell culture to assure that the technologies we generate are applicable to a broad swath of the scientific community. To facilitate the adaptation of our tools, we make all of our published reagents available by depositing them within Addgene (to date 650+ research groups have requested our reagents), and regularly share our expertise with outside laboratories, as we believe the value of our technology is more within the research it enables than in the individual publications we produce.

Our research group will continue to push the boundaries of genetic engineering by developing new methods with which to modify and regulate eukaryotic genomes. We will then use these tools to gain fundamental insights into the molecular mechanisms underlying neurodegeneration while also generating valuable therapeutic leads.

Our team places a strong emphasis on mentoring, and values the opportunity to be able to train the next generation of budding scientists.

Welcome to Chavez Lab.



Sep 1 2017 - Aug 31 2022

Selected Publications

# denotes co-first author

^ denotes co-second author

* denotes co-senior author

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